Our School Policies

ARPS First Aid June 2022

ARPS Formation Of Classes Policy Nov 2020

ARPS Headlice Policy June 2021

ARPS Hire Agreement Nov 2022

ARPS Council Licence Agreements Nov 2022

ARPS Homework Policy Dec 2021

ARPS Inclusion And Diversity Policy Including Equal Opportunity & Sexual Harassment June 2023

ARPS Induction For New Students Policy June 2021

ARPS Mandatory Reporting Policy Sept 2017

ARPS Mathematics Policy June 2021

ARPS Medication Authority Form  Nov 2022

ARPS Mobile Phone Policy June 2023

ARPS Parent Participation Class Rep Policy  Oct 2021

ARPS  Parent Payment Policy- DET Approved 2022

ARPS Play Based Learning In The Early Years Policy Mar 2021

ARPS Refunds Policy 2024

ARPS Reporting To Parents Policy Oct 2023

ARPS Respect For School Staff March 2024

ARPS School Gift Policy August 2022

ARPS Senior Student Leaders Policy August 2021

ARPS Social Media Use Of Support Student Learning Oct 2023

ARPS Statement Of Values Oct 2019

ARPS Student Code Of Conduct Feb 2024 

ARPS Student Dress Code Uniform Policy July 2023

ARPS Student Engagement, Inclusion & Wellbeing Policy May 2021

ARPS Sun Smart Policy March 2024

ARPS Sustainability Environment Policy July 2023

ARPS SVT (formerly JSC) Policy August 2021

ARPS Swimming Policy

ARPS Transition Pre School To Primary Policy May 2023

ARPS Transition Policy Intraschool Nov 2022

ARPS Transition Policy Year 6 To 7 Nov 2022

ARPS Uniform Policy June 2022

ARPS Visitors Policy Aug 2022

ARPS Volunteers Policy Aug 2022

ARPS Working With Children Check Policy June 2021

ARPS Working With Children Clearance Procedure Policy July 2023

ARPS Yard Duty And Supervision Policy March 2024