Our mission at Albany Rise Primary School is to develop students who value learning throughout their lives, strive to achieve and are literate and numerate. We aim to produce confident and empathetic students who are global citizens equipped to succeed in the 21st century.


We succeed when our students are:

  • Always seeking to understand and respect the views, values and cultures of others
  • Literate and numerate; read with comprehension, write clearly, compute accurately
  • Responsible, organised, cooperative and independent
  • Respectful of others and demonstrate empathy to others
  • Able to learn and adapt to change and new technologies
  • Resilient and persistent life-long learners
  • Able to recognise and understand their impact on their community and environment
  • Critical thinkers, problem solvers and willing to have a go
  • Inclusive of everyone
  • Self motivated to be lifelong learners
  • Displaying a positive self image.

School Values

Our 3 R’s


Means: Treating ourselves, others, property and the environment with care and consideration.

  • Manners and patience – polite, courteous, accepting that others have the right to make different choices and have different opinions, listening to others, making eye contact
  • Honesty
  • Trustworthiness
  • Treating people the way I would like them to treat me
  • Displaying self-control
  • Getting along with others
  • Cooperation
  • Using appropriate language
  • Showing good sportsmanship – fair rules and taking turns
  • Pride in ourselves and the efforts of others
  • Friendly, caring, sharing
  • Inclusion
  • Fairness
  • Following instructions the first time
  • Valuing other people’s opinions
  • Showing compassion


Means: Thinking about the right choices to make and doing the right thing even if my friends don’t do it.

  • Taking ownership for my actions – accepting the consequences and not blaming others
  • Being focused on my learning and making good choices for how I behave
  • Looking after my own things and other people’s property
  • Being a good role model by encouraging others to do the right thing
  • Trying to help others if they are sick, hurt or upset
  • Doing my best work all the time
  • Displaying independence
  • Being accountable
  • Being sensible
  • Trustworthy
  • Fulfilling your roles eg: leader
  • On time and ready to learn
  • Looking after our school environment


Means: Thinking about the right choices to make and doing the right thing even if my friends don’t do it.

  • Courage
  • Being able to Bounce Back when I have a problem
  • Trying to solve problems when this is possible
  • Being able to ‘tough it out’ when things are difficult
  • Thinking about the ‘catastrophe scale’ and realising that things aren’t that bad
  • Trying to be positive and optimistic
  • Seek help through talking with a friend or adult
  • Persistence
  • Being confident
  • Not letting negativity stand in your way
  • Learning from mistakes