Secondary Transition

Moving from primary to secondary school can be an exciting and challenging time for students and their parents. Albany Rise Primary School aims to ensure a smooth transition for our students. It is a process of building relationships and understanding, with the aim of supporting students through identifying barriers to a student’s learning and implementing any adjustments that can be made.

Our students mostly attend Wellington Secondary College. Other students attend other local Secondary Schools (Lyndale Secondary College, Carwatha College). We have a strong committment to our transition program. Our students visit and participate in a range of activities (science lessons, home economics, performances, and more…) at the secondary colleges. These visits allow students to develop relationships and connections and also become familiar with the Secondary School

Past Albany Rise students often visit our school to maintain relationships with students, teachers and our community. Secondary students also attend a few Grade 6 lessons to form new “buddy” relationships with our students. This allows our Year 6 students to know some older students when they begin Secondary School.

Information for parents / carers on moving from primary school to secondary school can be found at here.