Student Leaders

Hi, my name is Dhruv and I’m School Captain at Albany Rise Primary School (A.R.P.S.) for 2020. School Captain is really enjoyable and it’s a lot of hardwork. It’s very enjoyable up on stage and talking in front of the whole school at assembly and having a good time up there with my fellow captains. I joined this school in 2014 as a little Foundation student and I have loved every moment here. All of this education will help me in my future learning. This school is a wonderful place, we have a lot of fantastic stuff here such as the STEM centre, science fair, market day, camp, Year 6 buddies, awesome exciting graduations, excursions and incursions and lots more here. THANK YOU!!!


Hi my name is Yashvi Mehta.

 I am a school captain at Albany Rise Primary School for 2020. I am so glad to have this role at this amazing school. I have a good time speaking at assembly with my awesome school captain and school vice captains. I also had the opportunity to meet the premier Daniel Andrews who presented us with our badges. Our school has an amazing education. We have also got Victoria’s best P.E teacher, he won an award last year. I hope me and my fellow captain and vice captains can make a good impact on our school this year.


Student Voice

Able to message parents and teachers.