At Albany Rise Primary School, students in Years 4,5 and 6 have the opportunity to bring their own Laptop to school each day, rather than using the school leased, older devices. In 2020, we first introduced the BYOD program to the school, with support from JB solutions (see attached information). The laptops provided through the JB Solutions purchasing process are school ready and have the required specifications for use in a school setting.

During 2021, several families have requested an option to allow students to bring other alternate brands of recently purchased, high quality student laptops to school, as part of the BYOD program.

From 2022, Albany Rise Primary School will have the capacity to allow students to bring alternate student laptop brands to school as part of the BYOD program, provided they meet the following criteria:

  • Processor must be at least Celeron 2GHz or faster
  • The device must have at least 4GB of RAM
  • The hard drive must be at least 128GB
  • The device must have a physical keyboard
  • The screen must be at least 11.6 inches
  • The device must be running Windows (the school cannot support Apple devices)
  • The device must be in a carry bag
  • The device must be named (eg. sticky label with name on top/bottom cover of device)

If students are bringing an alternate device to school, the device will be registered against the school ICT asset management system for school tracking purposes.

The School technician will connect the device to the school internet/ WIFI and will add access to the Department of Education ‘Microsoft Office Suite’ of products.

The school technician cannot fix any hardware issues with laptops but can provide advice.

Charging of student owned devices is not permitted at school. This is due to OHS issues of Laptop charging cords. Students should be careful of purchasing their own device to ensure the battery life of the device is sufficient to last the whole day.

At the commencement of the 2022 school year, students who are bringing their own devices, will have support to ensure they are connected and provided with software, from week 1 of the school year.

Albany Rise Primary School has a BYOD User Agreement that has been approved by School Council. Students who bring devices to and from school, MUST adhere to the school agreement and to the ARPS Acceptable Use Agreement. A copy of the BYOD User Agreement is attached. Students who are in breach of the agreement at any time, may not be allowed to continue to bring their own device to school for safety and wellbeing reasons.

For more information about the process for purchasing JB solutions BYOD devices, please follow the link: and follow the instructions on webpage.

For families who use the BYOD program, a reduced annual cost for Parent Payments is applied to the account of each student using their own device at school. Details are provided in the Parent Payments information sent to parents each year during Term 4.

Parents who require more information about the school BYOD program, are encouraged to contact the school, or JB Solutions directly on 1300 730 548.