Albany Rise Primary School is located in the City of Monash within the boundaries of Wellington, Springvale and Police Roads, Mulgrave. Our student enrolment numbers average around 300 students each year. The school is a central focus for the local community, with the large gymnasium, new oval, running track and facilities regularly utilised by local community groups.

At Albany Rise, our school motto “Education is our Future” highlights the importance we place on ensuring every student has the best future prospects from quality teaching and learning. Our school community works together to focus on ongoing improvements in educational opportunities, practices and facilities for all students.

Albany Rise Primary School offers high quality educational programs through a cohesive curriculum integrating all aspects of the Victorian Curriculum ( The Victorian Curriculum F–10 incorporates and reflects much of the Australian Curriculum F–10, but differs in some important respects, most notably the representation of the curriculum as a continuum of learning. Our teaching staff develop explicit teaching programs for Literacy, Numeracy and Inquiry teaching based on this continuum of learning, along with embedding the teaching of key learning areas and capabilities. Our Specialist programs in Physical Education, Language (Chinese Mandarin), Visual and Performing Arts provide opportunities for all students to broaden their learning experiences, engagement and interests.

At Albany Rise Primary School, staff provide multiple extra curricula and student leadership programs and opportunities. Maths Olympiads, Choir & State School Spectacular, Garden Club, and UNSW assessments are just a few of the many opportunities provided for student enrichment. Further learning enrichment opportunities such as; Musical Production, Talent Quest, Annual Spelling Bee, Market Day, Swimming program, Bike Education and sports carnivals are all highlights of student life at our school. Our Year 6 students take on the role of ‘Better Buddies’ each year to support our Foundation students. Selected senior student leaders also take on the role of ‘Peer Mediators’, and (after training) act as role models and support in the yard for our junior students.

At Albany Rise, Staff plan core learning tasks along with a range of extra-curricular opportunities including; inquiry based excursions, year 2-6 camping program, daily lunchtime activities and targeted sporting opportunities. Staff and parents work closely together at the school, creating a strong sense of community. The school aims to continually foster positive relationships across our school community, through our ‘School Wide Positive Behaviour’ approach ( School-wide positive behaviour support (SWPBS) is a framework that brings together school communities to develop positive, safe, supportive learning cultures. Our Student wellbeing programs provide a strong and ongoing focus on building relationships, supporting and building a cooperative learning environment.

At Albany Rise primary School, we promote a positive, caring environment where all students are able to achieve. The staff are highly motivated, professional and caring, focusing on the differentiated needs and learning goals of all students. Staff work in teams to plan and implement quality teaching and learning programs based upon our understandings of students’ needs, skills, interests and their preferred learning style. Staff, students and parents are committed to achieving excellence and continued improvement in student outcomes. Our School has continued to have a priority focus on improving student performance in Literacy and Numeracy. Improved approaches to the explicit teaching of reading strategies, professional learning for teachers in planning for real life, challenging mathematics experiences and the development of a rigorous whole school assessment schedule have been some of our recent achievements.

Our school and community are focussed on ensuring the best possible learning outcomes, evidence based learning approaches and high levels of student engagement and student voice in all aspects of teaching, learning and curriculum development.