This week, our ‘Fly into Foundation’ activities to support Transition from Pre-school to School in 2021 have really ramped up. On Wednesday and Friday this week, our Foundation 2021 teachers are visiting the preschools and daycare centres to touch base with pre-school students and staff in their current learning environments.
On Tuesday afternoon, a number of our 2021 Foundation families took an opportunity to use the school playgrounds after school to get to know each other informally onsite.
Today, 2 parent forums were held online to talk through starting school processes and time was allowed for a
Q & A session. Additionally, small groups of 2021 Foundation students (about 10 at a time) came onsite to
work in the library with a Foundation teacher for 2021.
It certainly has been a busy week for our 2021 Foundation families.
Finally, parents of students starting school can access a range of resources from our ‘Foundation Starting School’ resource page on the school website: