Albany Rise Primary School is running a logo competition as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations so get creative and join in!
 Design a commemorative 50th anniversary logo : this may consist of a graphic, or a slogan or both
 Open to past and present students/parents/staff
 The competition will run for 3 weeks: from 22/10/2020 – 12/11/2020
 Finalists will be decided by the 50th anniversary committee and the Junior School Councillors
 The three finalists will be published in the school newsletter and on social media and the design with the most votes will be chosen
 The logo must:
– Be detailed enough to enlarge to A4 size and reduce to the size of a 20cent piece
– Include the School Name
– All entries are to be submitted online to this email address:
– Subject: 50th anniversary Logo Competition 2020