At Albany Rise Primary School, students are equipped with skills to pursue their passions and to seek opportunities to help others, effecting change in ways that show ‘anyone can make a difference’. Students at Albany Rise are self-motivated and encouraged to lead ‘big picture’ initiatives whilst following personal passions at all year levels, such as leading fundraisers to support the homeless or campaigning for environmental issues. Recently, the whole school community rallied to support the needs of other children in the bushfire affected areas of Victoria.

At Albany Rise Primary School, our staff, students and families develop strong community connections, ensuring all of our students build positive relationships in a culture of inclusion and high expectations. Our Values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience are embedded in all of the teaching and learning practices across the school and demonstrated by students every day.

Situated in the heart of Mulgrave, our school provides a safe and inviting environment with small class sizes and a comprehensive academic curriculum, At Albany Rise, every child is focused on achieving targeted and individualised learning goals, whilst developing their distinct personalities and following their passions. Our school’s superior facilities include a play-based learning centre, large gymnasium, newly refurbished oval and running track, which are enjoyed by students when instructed by our award-winning Physical Education teacher (winner of Victorian Education Excellence Award 2019).